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Integrative Psychotherapy (IP) is an embodied, systematic approach for achieving sustainable mental health. IP delivers transformative tools that increase insight, well-being and presence, while alleviating the mental, emotional and physical distresses underlying depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout and relational problems.


Clarity and Insight

Stop getting lost in distorted internal narratives of hatred, blaming, guilt, and doubt. Get to know the magnificent complexity of yourself and this world.

Resilience and Joy

Utilize presence, wisdom and compassion to skillfully respond to all inner and outer distress. When we heal our suffering, the world is illuminated.

Traumatic Stress

A bio-psycho-somatic approach to healing trauma harnesses innate capacities and self-applied skills that regulate and resolve systemic trauma symptoms.

Lisa Dale Miller

Discern the causes of suffering; choose the path of wisdom and care.


Depression and Anxiety
PTSD and Medical Trauma
COVID-related Trauma
Burnout and Life Transition
Relationship Distress
Grief and Loss

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Integrative Psychotherapy

When we heal suffering, the world is illuminated.

Adult Psychotherapy

Short-term Telehealth Trauma Therapy available for COVID-19 frontline healthcare professionals in California, New York, and Oregon.

Everyone deserves to live a full, engaged life and that can be difficult when mental and emotional distress creates disturbance in mind, heart and body. And many people suffer with aversion to physical distress—particularly chronic dis-ease which compounds depressive/anxious thoughts and feelings. Achieving sustained mental health requires a systems approach: one where mind is re-trained to partner with the organism’s innate bottom-up regulatory capacities rather than hindering them. I favor Integrative Psychotherapy (IP) an embodied, skills-based, results-oriented approach which increases awareness, attention, mindfulness, insight, compassion, and offers skills for resolving the depressive collapse-states and anxious hyperaroused states that so often impede progress in talk therapy and CBT. This work is ideal for people with mood disorders, depressive/anxious rumination, PTSD/trauma, chronic pain, grief, chronic stress and burnout, relational distress, and life-threatening illness.

Psychotherapy Session Fees

50-minute session $225.00
80-minute session $330.00
Lisa is an out-of-network provider for all health insurance plans

Trauma Therapy

Somatic Experiencing® is an effective psychobiological method for resolving symptoms of trauma, chronic stress and pain. SE™ is the life's work of Dr. Peter A. Levine, medical biophysicist and psychologist. This approach is a gentle, yet direct method for releasing traumatic shock and increasing one's window of tolerance; key elements of transforming PTSD and the psychophysical wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma. The SE™ skills are easy to learn and self-apply. The SE™ method helps us naturally experience where our physiology is "stuck" in fight, flight, freeze, and then resolve incomplete trauma responses and their co-occurring, distressful physiological states—without strain or retraumatization. SE™ is also an effective method for resolving medical trauma. After completing the three-year SE™ practitioner certification, I continue to further my SE™ and Somatic Touch-based skills for trauma therapists in post-graduate trainings with Dr. Levine and Kathy L Kain.

Couples Counseling

Most couples cite poor communication, lack of intimacy or infidelity as their primary issues. Keeping love alive and healthy can seem unattainable when relationship distress exists alongside a demanding, exhausting Silicon Valley work/family life. My priority is to help couples achieve their vision of a deeply connected, skillful, emotionally rich life. At the heart of this work is the delivery of tools to master non-violent, lovingly honest, compassionate and mindful communication. Couples sessions are 80 minutes, maximizing the effectiveness of each session. Couples commit to engaging in targeted skills between sessions because home practice is the key to making real change happen quickly and efficiently.

Psychotherapy for Adults Age 20-28

Today’s twenty-somethings often meet life with a long-standing habit of anxiety and/or dependence, arising from a popular, yet unhealthy parenting style centered around sheltering children from pain and failure. Parental fearfulness and intolerance of difficulty impedes development of self-sufficiency, adventurousness, responsibility, innate confidence and connectedness. My work helps young adults break free of conditioned anxiety, perfectionism, and entitlement, and land firmly in an embodied reality of desire, interest, uncertainty, curiosity, independence, fearlessness, and drive. Substance use and/or self-harming behaviors are often used chronically to avoid, dissociate and temporarily ameliorate discomfort. The engaging, direct method of Integrative Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing® eliminates the need for these and other unskillful means, by cultivating presence, tranquility, patience, inner strength/guts, equanimity, energy and compassion.

About Lisa

Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC, SEP is licensed to practice psychotherapy in California (LMFT#43725  LPCC#691), New York (LMFT#001283-1) and Oregon (LMFT#T1207) and is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP). Her office is in Los Gatos, CA. Lisa authored Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine mental health through awakened presence, a highly regarded textbook on Buddhist psychology for mental health professionals. She has been an outpatient clinician for the VA San Jose and has taught a variety of Mindfulness-based Interventions. Lisa is a dharma teacher and has been a yogic and Buddhist meditation practitioner for over four decades. She is the creator of the Groundless Ground Podcast. From 1982-2006, Lisa produced and exhibited provocative artwork focusing on social, political and spiritual themes. In January 2000, Lisa created and implemented a music therapy project in Kosovo for CRS. That experience led her to pursue a Masters in Counseling Psychology. View her artist website.

Why Use An Integrative Method?

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We are fragile beings…

Though pain and pleasure are part of life, humans tend to meet them reactively rather than responsively. And sadly, many modern people live disaffected, disembodied lives, continually seeking distraction in a miasma of work, relationships, substances, devices and possessions. Additionally, our culture’s normalized narcissism and assumed entitlement steers us away from collective caretaking of each other. All these challenges feed the excessive rumination and distorted self-appraisals that foster depression, anxiety, egocentrism, and self-and-other harming.

Tools For Transformation

Sincere introspection and accurate self-evaluation are essential components of personal and collective mental health. Imparting skills to increase meta-awareness and self-reflectivity, affords greater ability to distinguish distorted self-and-world-narratives from experiential reality as it is— a critical component of cognitive-affective well-being. Add somatic psychotherapy skills for intentional embodied presencing and the actuality of daily life becomes a playground of beingness and joy.

Embodied Presencing

Western psychology and psychiatry have maintained a mind-brain-centric stance by largely ignoring the vital role bodily systems play in the cause and remediation of mental health disorders. Enactive approaches to mental health like Somatic Experiencing™ therapy and integrative medicine consider central nervous system dysregulation and gut-brain-microbiota imbalances possible contributing factors in mental health disorders. The greatest benefit of embodied presence is it spontaneously empties the mind of fixational self-narratives.

Organismic Wisdom

Interoceptive attending to bodily and mental stimuli, and exteroceptive attending through the five senses to environmental stimuli, shows us what aliveness is like from the body’s perspective. Bodily systems effortlessly navigate each moment embedded in, extended out into and enactively participating in experience. This organismic wisdom or innate intercorporeality confers clarity, openness, confidence, and tranquility; even in the midst of distress.

Awaken Again and Again

Working from within a frame of sudden and gradual awakening expands a clinician’s range of beneficial psychotherapeutic interventions. Complementary approaches and somatosensory awareness techniques empower patients to employ mind-body skills in their daily lives. These methods alleviate mild-to-moderate discomfort and stimulate mindful inquiry, which empowers therapist and patient to examine everyday concerns while lessening more endemic and distorted self-processing.

Genuine Mental Health

Facilitating a mind to free itself from its own ignorance, greed, and hatred is the greatest gift a clinician can impart to a patient; particularly when both are motivated by selflessness. That psychotherapeutic work has the power to liberate not just the patient, but also all beings with whom that person interacts and by extension the society in which they reside. Transforming our world by healing ourselves is the ultimate goal of integrative mental health treatment.

Lisa Dale Miller
Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licenced Professional Clinicial Counselor (LPCC)
Somatic Experiencing Pracitioner (SEP)

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